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  • What happens if I’m not satisfied with my lawyer?
    If you are not satisfied with your lawyer, our platform makes it easy to switch to a new one. With just a few clicks, all relevant information is seamlessly transferred to your new lawyer, so you won't need to start from scratch.
  • Is this platform secure?
    Yes, our platform is secure. We store all data in compliance with GDPR guidelines, ensuring it is handled safely and responsibly. Your data is never shared with third parties without your explicit consent.
  • What is the cost for lawyers?
    There are no upfront costs. Lawyers on our platform pay a referral fee based on the type of law, but only after they receive payment from a client.
  • How are lawyers vetted before they join the platform?
    Each lawyer undergoes a thorough verification process to confirm their identity and validate their qualifications before joining the platform.
  • Is it completely free for individuals?
    Yes, it is!
  • How does this work?
    For Individuals: Describe your legal issue, and our AI will create a legally formulated and anonymous case summary for you. List your case on our marketplace, and receive offers from lawyers tailored to your needs. Compare them and choose who you want to work with. For Solicitors: Receive case summaries matching your expertise via email alerts and browse the marketplace to explore. Contact prospective clients, offer your services, and secure new business. For Both: Optionally manage all tasks, case timelines, and payments on our platform for seamless collaboration.
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